News July 18: Monday July 18, 2022, Brig. Gen. Tad D. Clark assumed command of the 31st Fighter Wing      #      Friday June 10, 2022 Lieutenant Colonel Rolf D. Tellefsen has assumed Command of 555th Fighter Squadron     #      Friday June 04, Lt.Col. Kevin S. Anderson assumed command of 510th FS      #       Friday June 04, Lt.Col. Corydon A. Jerch assumed command of 31st OSS      #       Thursday June 14, 2018, the 56th and 57th Rescue Squadron commanders reaffirmed command during a realignment ceremony at Aviano Air Base     #       Thursday April 06, 2017, an Aviano's F-16 dropped the external fuel tank on an empty field after the pilot declared an in-flight emergency shortly after take-off, RTB safely     #     Wednesday Feb. 22, 2017 F-16DMs s/n 90-0777 90-0795 90-0796 moved-out from the 31st FW to 49th FW at Holloman AFB, NM     #    Thursday Feb. 09, 2017 31st FW get 3 second hand F-16CMs from 4th FS at Hill AFB, UT s/n 88-0460 88-0462 88-0521     #       Wednesday Feb. 06, 2013 more then 1000 people pay respects during memorial service to promoted Maj. Lucas Frederick "Gaza" Gruenther. On Feb. 07, is born his 1st daughter, Serene     #    Thursday Jan. 31, 2013, during the 3rd days of SAR operations, the body of Capt. Lucas Gruenther, 32, has been found in the Adriatic Sea and recovered by an Italian vessel    #    Monday Jan. 28, 2013, an 31st FW's F-16 lost the communication over Adriatic Sea during the night training mission, SAR operations in course     #     Wednesday Oct. 24, 31st Maintenance Sq. unveils the 1st F-16CM sanded, primed and repainted in the new Corrosion Control Facility     #    Wednesday Dec. 01, 2010, F-16CM 88-0446 off the runway due the emergency landing collapsing the front gear, no one injured      #       Monday Nov. 15, 2010, F-16CM released 2 external fuel tanks due the engine problem after the take off, no wounded and damages on the ground, F-16 landed safely     #       Thursday Sept. 16, 2010, 2 F-16Cs 88-0516 & 89-2152 have been delivered to 31st FW as part of the Combat Air Forces Restructuring plan     #      Wednesday Jan. 20, 2010, Col. Adrian "Kermit" Ponè, former 510th FS Commander, is passed away due a car accident near Ferrara, Italy     #      Tuesday March 24, F-16CM 89-2102 released 2 external fuel tanks due the engine problem after the take off, first one crashed on the street, second one crashed over the garage, no injured on the ground, F-16 landed safely     #     Saturday Jan. 26, 2008 are arrived 2 new F-16s, s/n 89-2008 & 89-2096, assigned to 31st FW ex 524th FS at Cannon AFB, NM, the third additional F-16CG s/n 88-0510 is arrived probably on Feb. 20-22    #     Thursday Nov. 08, 2007 an U.S.Army UH-60 of 1st Battalion, 214th Aviation Regiment det. in Aviano AB, is crashed in the Piave River near Santa Lucia di Piave, Treviso, Italy, during the training mission, 2 U.S.Army pilots and 4 31FW airman aboard were killed, other 5 aboard were injured     #     F-16CG s/n 88-0529, 510th FS, is crashed Tuesday Sept. 18, 2007 around 06.30 p.m. near Soramae' in Val di Zoldo, Belluno, Italy, during a high-altitude training mission, pilot ejected safely, no injured on the ground     #